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Article 144
Title Data recovery tips

Have you ever lost your data and walked though recovery steps soon to realize that you're not going to get everything restored in a timely fashion?

Here are a few data recovery tips that may give you a better chance at a successful recovery:

  • Store passwords, licenses and key information in two secure and separate locations.
  • Document the restoration process to get your systems running again.
  • Take inventory of the software and patches being used. Backup the installation media.
  • Practice disaster simulations. Build a replacement system without looking at your production system.
  • Train two or three trusted employees to use the documented restoration process.
  • Backup data regularly.
  • Multi-path your data route to the systems.
  • Keep spare systems up-to-date.
  • Utilize an archiving strategy by prioritizing data.
  • Backup to a remote location.
  • Invest in the best uninterruptible power supply you can afford.
  • Protect your systems from fire and theft. Use doors that lock automatically.
Modified Date 8/25/2005

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